SuperContractor | SEO for Contractors – Scam or Sure-thing?
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SEO for Contractors – Scam or Sure-thing?

SEO for Contractors – Scam or Sure-thing?

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is a must have for contractors, but it’s only one prong of a healthy balanced approach to successful contractor marketing.  There was a time when a super-clever SEO campaign could put you on you the first page for your city and service, and subsequently generate a good number of leads for your business.  But Google has since become very sophisticated in the way it displays local listings.  It’s cracked down on overly optimized websites and tried hard to push people to its advertising program.

You can harm your website with bad SEO (like using Flash) but it’s hard to generate lots of business from your website by SEO tactics alone.  This is good news for you!  You can just focus on putting up great photos and descriptions of your jobs — these are the  things that clients want to see, and by focusing on great content, you will eventually rank well for multiple search queries related to your business.  We feel that chasing links and other SEO strategies can be a waste of time.  Just focus on showcasing the details of your work, over and over again, and you will be rewarded.

So is SEO a scam?  It can be, high promises and high prices should be avoided.  Just focus on publishing information about your projects and your SEO will take care of itself.

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